What can ISC do for you?

For additional information on services offered and pricing, please contact us at

Presentations & Talks

  • Content tailored to any audience with common topics on severe weather, storm chasing, weather preparedness and safety
  • Interactive demonstrations suitable for any age group
  • Great for libraries, school programs, professional seminars, and many more
  • On location or virtual

Private Forecasting & Consulting

  • Site-specific, hourly to long-range, comprehensive forecasts with easy-to-understand text and graphics
  • On-call availability, including holidays and weekends
  • Certified snow and rain reports
  • Forensic meteorology reports (Sample available upon request)

Decision Support

  • Expert weather-related decision making with a proven track record for reliability
  • Detailed forecasts leading up to and for day(s) of the event
  • Impactful weather monitoring with real-time weather radar
  • Current weather observations
  • Past events include Lifetime Fitness triathlons in downtown Chicago, the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics, Frankfort Fall Festival, multiple Chicagoland/Route 66 Speedway events and more.

Spotter Training

  • Standard or Advanced spotter training from our NOAA-recognized staff
  • Informative and easy-to-understand for all ages
  • Flexible time allotments and content
  • On location or virtual
  • Live Q & A