What is the T.A.M.?

The Threat Assessment Map (or T.A.M.) was developed by Danny Neal of Illinois Storm Chasers LLC. in 2017 as a county by county look at threats from severe, winter, and/or unusual weather. The T.A.M. is in no way connected to NOAA, the National Weather Service, or any other private or local media service. It is a way that Illinois Storm Chasers LLC. can convey their forecast using an easy to understand graphic for all of their users. The T.A.M. will be updated at least once a day, every day. Our T.A.M. product will cover ten main categories: thunderstorm threat, tornado threat, wind/hail threat, heavy rain threat, flooding threat, extreme heat and extreme cold threat, strong winds, as well as the snow and ice threat across the Land of Lincoln.