Happy “Black Wednesday” everyone. Tomorrow we feast.

As far as weather goes, there is very little to talk about. In terms of holiday travel that is a good thing. No issues to worry about across IL other than temps dipping below freezing in some locations. Skies will be clear, winds will be calm and light out of the west/southwest and no precipitation of any kind is expected. We’ll watch for the development of fog but right now not seeing any signs of it being widespread.

Thanksgiving itself? Sunny skies and temps rebounding to the 40s across the entire state, perhaps around 50 in south/southwest portions. All in all a picture perfect day this time of year.

Temps will continue their upward trend and Friday looks downright nice. Widespread 50s and clear skies, with 60s possible across western portions of the state as a ridge builds across the plains. A good day for outdoor holiday festivities. Here is a look at predicted high temps across the region.

A cold front moves through Friday night that will send temperatures down a bit for the weakend, but should still be pleasantly in the 40s during the day. Winds will shift and increase out of the north.

Next week will begin with a quick rebound, and Monday could be one of the mildest days we see this month as winds turn out of the south once again, advecting warmer air in from the plains.

To put this into perspective, the chart below shows the temp anomaly. Widespread above normal warmth for a good chunk of the country!

Temps should decrease a bit after Monday, but still remain mild. Precipitation wise…little if any. The cold front Friday may squeak out some drizzle, but most guidance has this passing north of Illinois. The same can be said for the other cold front to sweep through after Monday. Guidance is hinting at little precip with that one as well and the remainder of next week is looking pretty dry atm.

Bottom line. The next 10 days look to be characterized by lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures! We will have little to discuss. Enjoy it!