After The Snow: What’s Coming Next?

Congratulations, Illinois. We survived an entire straight week of snow! Seriously, in Chicago there was measurable snow for 9 STRAIGHT DAYS. That actually ties the record. Many areas of the state experienced similar statistics. Down south, you missed out on most of the action minus a couple icing events, which […]

Snow Update! We’re NOT Done. More Will Develop Later!

SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! You’re either saying with a lot of joy, or mixed in with a lot of curse words right now. Overall the forecast remains fairly on track and most places are on pace to hit their forecast totals. It took longer than anticipated to get going, but remember, THIS IS […]

Winter Storm Warnings Now In Effect. Heavy Snow Begins This Evening!

Winter Storm Warnings are now in effect ahead of what promises to be the heaviest snowfall this winter for many across northern Illinois. Snow is expected to first begin across northwest Illinois late in the afternoon and then spread across the remainder of northern Illinois as the evening progresses. This […]

Winter Storm Watches Issued. Heavy Snow On Its Way!

Good morning/afternoon/day everyone. Just a quick update to give you an idea of what’s ahead. Winter Storm Watches have now gone up as heavy snow will target much of Northern Illinois Thursday night into Friday. Current indications area we could see a wide swath of 5-9 inches of snow. A […]