SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! You’re either saying with a lot of joy, or mixed in with a lot of curse words right now. Overall the forecast remains fairly on track and most places are on pace to hit their forecast totals. It took longer than anticipated to get going, but remember, THIS IS A LONG DURATION EVENT. Many people were dismayed to see they weren’t buried when they woke up this morning. That was never supposed to happen, the snow was always supposed to fall over a period greater than 24 hours which means it builds up slowly. Good news for road crews trying to keep up, bad news for people who want instant justification to skip work.

Lets take a look at radar:

The remaining heavy band is slowly working its way out, but this is NOT the end of the event. There will a lull in the snow for a few hours before another wave generates a new round of snowfall overnight and into Saturday morning. It might be a good time to get a jump start on the shoveling during the lull.

This round will be nowhere near as heavy as what we’re seeing now. In fact, some of the extreme low end guidance struggles to create 2″ with some of the more bullish guidance showing up to 5″. Avergage consensus seems to be another 2-4″ band across areas mainly north of i-80. We will have a more in depth look at this later today from our winter weather experts.

Yet ANOTHER wave will affect us Sunday morning as well, of similar characteristics. We could see another couple inches from that one as well, so when its all said and done some spots could have grand totals of 14 or more inches. We won’t get too into the Sunday system just yet. Lets get through these first.

Current warnings and advisories will probably be allowed to expire, but new ones may be issued if the next coming snows arrive with more…oomf.