At Illinois Storm Chasers, we feel compelled to bring you the best weather coverage out of any resource or entity within the state of Illinois. Not only do we want to bring you the weather quickly and accurately, but we also try to be as professional as possible. As such we offer several opportunities to come out to your location and give professional based training opportunities for your clubs, schools, or public safety operations. Over the past seven years, Illinois Storm Chasers have conducted several hundred speaking presentations across our state. From professionally run conferences to cub scouts, Illinois Storm Chasers is where you go when you want to learn about the weather! We also offer live, on site “Decision Support Services.” We are on site annually at the marathons and triathlons in downtown Chicago as well as many other festivals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any opportunity at: – Please leave as detailed an email as you can about potential dates, topics, or other requests. Please see pricing below.


Pricing and Presentations:

Standard Kids: $150.00 [90 minutes]

Standard Adult: $250.00 [120 minutes]

Standard Spotter Training: $400.00 [150 minutes]

Advanced Spotter Training: $500.00 [180 minutes]

Large Venue Presentations: Inquire via email, rates starting at $750.00

All Day Decision Support Specialization: Inquire via email, rates starting at $1,000.00

Specialized Requests/Presentations are available, please inquire.

What presentation is for me and my organization?

Standard Kids: An hour and a half long presentation geared both toward the young child who loves storms, but also the young child that fears them. This presentations highlights what conditions will come together to form severe storms, how many days a year they happen in that specific location, and ways to know when the weather will cause you and your family the need to take action. This interactive presentation will allow the speakers to both teach and engage students/children by using several photos and videos from out on the road storm chasing. At the end an extensive question and answer session will be held.

Standard Adult: A two hour presentation that details local climatology, how storms form, why storms form specifically they way they do in our region, and an in depth look at storm chasing/spotting. This presentation is geared toward adults who want to have a better understanding about our daily weather and have always wanted to know why the sky turns green in a severe thunderstorm, or is my crawl space a safe place to go during a tornado. Our presentation is usually wrapped up by showing several storm chasing videos and explaining why we like to storm chase and generally on what not to do when you are out there or have a vesting interest in storm chasing in the future.

Standard Spotter Training: This two and a half hour long presentation will give the audience a generalized overview of what it takes to become a storm spotter. The presentation begins with a basic overview on how storms form and why they form in our region before transitioning into resources to better help the storm spotter prepare for a severe weather day. We will give several web-based resources with regard to additional training and weather forecasting guidance. The bulk of the presentation will be geared toward visually identifying all types of thunderstorms and specifically breaking down what types of storms to expect what type of hazard. The presentation is geared toward storm structure and spotter safety. The presentation ends with the correct way to submit a spotter report to the local National Weather Service office.

Advanced Spotter Training: This three hour course will briefly recap what you already know as a storm spotter and detail basic forecasting, basic storm structure, as well as recapping the resources to use while out spotting. The main portion of this presentation will be getting in depth with how to make an actual forecast, some advanced features to look for physically when out spotting, and also how to read radar while out spotting. Being able to identify via radar is an essential part to your safety and success. This presentation is designed to challenge your mind as we give several scenarios via radar, live video, and photos to help you make a decision as a storm spotter. It is interactive and based on audience participation.

Large Venue Presentations: Illinois Storm Chasers is available to come speak at large auditoriums and events about the weather. Our highest attended venue had over 1,000 people. This presentation is geared toward multiple jurisdictions, school districts, and/or communities. Our talks are usually based on a customized preference from the site organizer. We have given 50th anniversary talks about a deadly storm that impacted that region, to talks about understanding why it’s okay to fear severe weather and ways to get over that fear. Please inquire as we can do our best to customize a talk specifically for you and your organization.

All Day Decision Support Specialization: Looking for live forecast guidance either in person or via social media? Inquire! We have traveled all over the state for multi-day festivals or large events that need a close watch on the weather. Our largest venue has been the Trans-American Triathlon in Downtown Chicago where nearly half a million people were in attendance. We usually send two employees to watch several radars, live data, and take hour temperatures to help site directors make the safest call for their folks in attendance. This is something we will need advanced notice for as travel arrangements may become necessary.

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