The current modeled jet stream by the GFS.

The GFS’ depiction of the jet stream late next week. Notice the displacement of the polar jet further north and a more active southern jet stream.



Today:  38/34, Partly Cloudy, Rain/Snow moves in later.  1-3” possible.

Tomorrow:  47/31, Mostly Sunny.

Friday:  53/34, Mostly Sunny.

Saturday:  57/36, Mostly Sunny, possible Lake Breeze by late afternoon.

Sunday:  58/36, Mostly Sunny, Lake Breeze moving through late afternoon.



Today:  36/28, Partly Cloudy, Rain/Snow moves in later.  1-3” possible.

Tomorrow:  47/31, Mostly Sunny.

Friday:  54/34, Mostly Sunny.

Saturday:  57/36, Mostly Sunny.

Sunday:  59/36, Mostly Sunny.


Quad Cities

Today:  37/34, Rain/Snow, little to no accumulation expected.

Tomorrow:  49/29, Mostly Sunny.

Friday:  55/34, Mostly Sunny.

Saturday:  59/37, Mostly Sunny.

Sunday:  61/39, Mostly Sunny.



Matt covered the snow forecast well, and since I am in denial of snow, I won’t even mention it in my discussion.

Tomorrow will feature mid-20’s for the majority of northern IL, although areas that did experience the terrible white junk could see temps dip into the lower 20’s away from the urban areas.  Even with white coverage in the morning, temperatures should rebound in to the low to mid 40’s.  The GFS is struggling with temps (even beyond tomorrow), and that is likely due to the tendency to keep that white stuff around for too long.  Tomorrow should feature 10-15mph NNW winds as well.

Friday begins our trend of increasing temperatures.  We should see even more moderation as temps should climb into the low to mid 50’s with light and variable winds thanks to high pressure building in.  The lakefront is the one exception thanks (or no thanks) to Lake Michigan.

The weekend looks overall quiet, and closer to average temps for this time of the year.  Again, the GFS is really holding on to the white stuff too long, and thus it is knocking temps down in areas that it sees fit.  By the weekend, there should be nothing left, and for Saturday that means temps should hover in the upper 50’s, and maybe with some isolated low-60’s around more urban areas.  Easterly surface flow will dominate the area due to a low-pressure system centered well south of us, and because of that, we could see a Lake Breeze push inland on both Saturday and Sunday.  Although, surface winds appear that they will be more appreciable on Sunday as the pressure gradient is stronger.  Sunday should generally feature upper 50’s to low 60’s, with the coolest areas residing near the lake.

Long Term:  after another week of feeling less like Spring, and more like Winter, it certainly appears that we will return to Spring like weather next week.  The positive trending AO (Arctic Oscillation) should displace the higher pressure in the Arctic, allowing for a more favorable position for the Polar Jet Stream to our north.

The trend with the Arctic Oscillation.