I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving with friends and/or family. If not, then I hope you enjoyed it in anyway that was suitable for you. Personally my immediate family and I were discussing a pattern change that looks to be taking shape for 2018. This is what we do for the holiday season, we sit and talk about calm and stormy patterns. Well, there’s a stormy pattern showing up that we haven’t seen since March of 2016. Much like the messy pattern we experienced from 2015 into 2016, this one is shaping up to keep us on our toes. We didn’t know what to expect on the last giant storm, but were relieved to note the aftermath was not as great as was feared. Looking at some hi-resolution images, we see some disturbing signs.

We look to the left at the image shaped like the state of Texas. This is where we will watch for the growth of the storm and to see just what type of storm it is going to grow into. The ingredients to produce this storm continue to come together and have already produced some adverse conditions to day to day life. Hazardous driving conditions as well as some effects to life and property have been observed.

What am I going to do to stay ahead of this storm and it’s impacts? Let’s outline them…..

1.) Be aware of my surroundings and have a safety plan should an un-warned threat appear.

2.) Load up on supplies and have a first aid kit readily available

3.) Reconcile with my maker should things go terribly wrong

4.) Post the latest on social media so you all can all be informed and ahead of this developing situation.

For a wide angle, ultra high resolution image please click here: HI RES STORM

Thanks friends!

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