A low pressure system currently over the plains will slowly strengthen overnight and move into portions of Central IL tonight into early tomorrow morning. The northern and southern stream systems appear that they will now phase later than originally anticipated. Due to the later phasing, the system will not be as strong across Central IL. This will result in lighter rainfall totals than originally anticipated. Light to moderate rain will impact all of Central IL tomorrow morning into early afternoon. Rainfall totals are shown in the map below. After the system passes Thursday afternoon, slightly cooler and more tranquil weather will be ushered into Central IL. The remainder of the 5 day forecast appears to look dry at this time.

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Temperatures during the 5 day period will be running several days above average. Temperatures will be cooler tomorrow in association with a low pressure system and weak cold air advection on the back side. That being said, temps will remain above average with highs in the 40s. Temps will continue to moderate through the remainder of the week and the weekend with highs in the low to mid 50s over the 5 day period.