Southern IL Forecast

  Hopefully you all enjoyed the sun today. It’s nice to know it still exists after what has seemed like a permanent deck of cloud cover. Speaking of clouds, we’ll likely have some develop in response to a surface ridge moving off to the east promoting southerly flow on the […]

Southern IL Forecast

Headlines heading into the weekend remain the same – rain. We’ve had some scattered shower activity across parts of southern IL this afternoon but activity will continue to increase in coverage, especially as we head into Friday afternoon/evening as a warm front reinforces and further destabilizes the column. Lack of […]

Early Spring Snowstorm Friday Evening-Saturday (March 23-24)

A potent early spring snowstorm is poised to impact portions of Northern and Central IL Friday evening into the day on Saturday. This system has all the makings of a significant late winter snowstorm, with high moisture content, strong frontogenical forcing and gusty winds. The low pressure will be taking […]