Potential Ice Storm This Weekend? A First Look.

Very unsettled weather will take aim on the region this weekend. A slow moving frontal zone is expected to be the focus for a prolonged period of precipitation beginning Friday and potentially lasting through Monday. Right now the potential for freezing rain (ice) is the main concern, especially with the […]

Inclement Weather for Christmas 2016?

Good evening everyone! I hope you were all able to thaw yourselves out after a few days of brutally cold temperatures and snow. Our last event went pretty much as forecast. There is no such thing as a perfect forecast, but there are good ones! I believe the National Weather […]

Heavy Snow to Impact Downtown Chicago

A heavy band of lake effect snow is moving south-southwest down the lake shore. Recent reports from the Evanston area have confirmed that this band has briefly moved on shore. This band of heavy snow will sweep into downtown Chicago and produce a very quick .5 to 1″ of snow […]

Snowy Weekend Ahead – First Look

<script async src="//pagead2”> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It’s no secret what lies ahead this weekend. Snow, and there could be quite a bit of it. Forecast models have hinted at this potential for several days now. Placement, amounts and totals were all over the place, with each model […]