Northern IL 5-Day Forecast   Recently updated !

  O’Hare Today:  38/34, Partly Cloudy, Rain/Snow moves in later.  1-3” possible. Tomorrow:  47/31, Mostly Sunny. Friday:  53/34, Mostly Sunny. Saturday:  57/36, Mostly Sunny, possible Lake Breeze by late afternoon. Sunday:  58/36, Mostly Sunny, Lake Breeze moving through late afternoon.   Rockford Today:  36/28, Partly Cloudy, Rain/Snow moves in later.  […]

Northern IL 5-Day Forecast (Spring to Winter)   Recently updated !

The GFS’ depiction of a sounding on Friday evening. Notice the EML (dry layer) at 700mb and warmer surface temps. The 3KM NAM’s sounding with a noticeably colder surface depiction with still a rather stout dry layer above 850mb. Point Forecast: O’Hare Today:  68/43, Partly cloudy, breezy.  Slight chance of […]

Northern IL 5-Day Forecast (Spring-like weather is coming!)

The GFS’ track of the late week low-pressure system. Point Forecast: O’Hare Today:  38/28, Snow ending, clouds breaking during overnight hours. Tomorrow:  48/36, Partly sunny. Wednesday:  61/47, Partly cloudy, possible rain shower overnight. Thursday:  68/48, Partly sunny, possible rain shower overnight. Friday:  70/50, Cloudy to partly cloudy, thunderstorms possible. Rockford […]