Danny Neal


Danny was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and continues to live there. His passion for weather is fueled by witnessing the devastating aftermath of the only August F5 tornado to strike in history. After viewing the damage in Plainfield, his obsession with severe and unusual weather grew. At first it was immense fear, he went the next five years terrified of thunderstorms. It wasn’t until the help of his parents, grandparents, and teachers at school that he began to realize the awesome beauty of nature and not only focusing on the devastating aftermath. Once he conquered his fear, he began to feel the desire to travel around the country to view the amazing displays that Mother Nature had to offer.

Since 1998 he has roamed the Great Plains, Midwest, Deep South, and even the Front Range of the Rockies in search for severe and unusual weather. He has nearly 100 tornadoes to date and nearly one month full of tornado days in his established career. Being that he is only 26 years old he will continue to search the Heartland of America for Nature’s best and worst. He has witnessed all that Mother Nature has to offer including devastating EF-5 tornadoes, baseball sized hail, 65,000 foot supercells, continuous lightning, and wonderful sunsets.

Outside of storm chasing, Danny plans on continuing his education and eventually becoming a meteorologist. One of the reasons why he didn’t do this in the past was because it would severely take away from his time out in the field and working directly in Nature. Lately, he plans on continuing his education at Penn State University before finishing his Bachelors at another accredited university. Danny’s overall goal is to work in the research field within the National Severe Storms Laboratory, but broadcast meteorology also is in the realm of possibility.

When he is not actively chasing severe weather, he is talking about it. He has conducted dozens of speeches to children, high school students, and symposiums on severe weather and storm chasing. His Facebook page dedicated to Northern Illinois weather has eclipsed 112,000 followers and he works very hard to keep people aware of the weather in Northern Illinois. In creating this site, he and Adam hope to broaden our reach across the state of Illinois and to educate everyone on the best and worst kinds of weather we experience here.