Jeff Kilburg

Flooding, Icy, and Wet! Northern IL 5-Day Forecast   Recently updated !

Current surface observations show the surface low over western portions of northern IL. O’Hare Today:  61/27, Rain, changing to freezing rain/sleet overnight.  Flooding possible. Tomorrow:  34/26, Possibly icy in the morning, turning partly cloudy. Thursday:  40/32, Mostly Cloudy, possible rain/freezing rain overnight. Friday:  45/33, Rain in the morning, mostly cloudy […]

Wet Northern IL 5-Day Forecast   Recently updated !

The warm front sits draped across the very northern portions of our state right now, with the attendant surface low pressure near eastern Iowa at this time.  We have seen some low-level fog develop ahead of the warm front, and as we progress into the later afternoon, it appears to […]

Northern IL 5-Day   Recently updated !

O’Hare Today: 33/15, Mostly Cloudy, clearing by evening. Tomorrow: 37/25, Partly Cloudy, possible snow showers in afternoon. Sunday: 44/37, Sunny during the morning, clouds/rain moving in late. Monday: 58/44, Rain Tuesday: 46/25, Rain, clearing by late afternoon Rockford Today: 29/8, Mostly Cloudy, clearing by evening. Tomorrow: 33/20, Partly Cloudy, possible […]

Northern IL 2/12-2/16

O’Hare Today:  26/8, Sunny Tomorrow:  31/22, Sunny Wednesday:  37/33, Sunny w/ Fog overnight Thursday:  35/23, Fog/Rain in the morning, cloudy overall with some clearing possible late overnight Friday:  25/10, Sunny   Rockford Today:  20/2, Sunny Tomorrow:  27/19, Sunny Wednesday:  35/30, Sunny w/ Fog overnight Thursday:  35/20, Fog/Rain in the morning, […]

Snowy…. Northern IL 5 Day

12z GFS depiction of the snow setup Friday morning. O’Hare Today:  19/2, Flurries Tomorrow:  22/16, Snow starting in the evening Friday:  26/17, Snow for the majority of the day, totaling 6-10” by overnight hours (subject to change) Saturday:  26/12, Snow Likely Sunday:  21/4, Snow possible early morning Rockford Today:  17/-5, […]