Author: Danny Neal

Danny is a storm chaser from the southside of Chicago and has been chasing since 1998. He has over 100 tornadoes documented as well as numerous other extreme weather events. He routinely teaches and trains others about severe and unusual weather and is considered a great resource for Northern Illinois. Partnered through the Weather Ready Nation program, Danny does a lot of volunteering at the local National Weather Service. He assists with social media and spotter training and couldn't be happier helping out.

     Good afternoon everyone! It is January 21st and I am going to be talking to you about the potential for severe weather tomorrow. Seems a little out of the ordinary, but recent history shows that we can and certainly do see severe weather during the winter season. Recent events like February 20th, 2014 […]

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Good evening everyone,       Since May 11th, 2011, this website and social media outlet has undergone a series of changes in name and personnel. There have been two constants. The constant threat for severe and adverse weather across the state of Illinois and the constant presence of our page to bring you the absolute […]

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