Congratulations, Illinois. We survived an entire straight week of snow! Seriously, in Chicago there was measurable snow for 9 STRAIGHT DAYS. That actually ties the record. Many areas of the state experienced similar statistics. Down south, you missed out on most of the action minus a couple icing events, which can have just as much impact.

So, what is next? The short answer; not much.

The week will start out cold, but temperatures will slowly moderate as each day goes on and a thaw will begin. By Thursday the entire state should see highs above freezing. If not for the snowpack we could probably see temperatures well into the 40s, but the snowpack DOES slow down warming a bit. Climatology always wins out in the end though.

If you noticed what looks like a weather system on the above plot, congratulations you are learning! I mean that in a nice way I promise, as one of our main goals here is to not only provide the weather but also TEACH the weather. We are keeping an eye on Thursday for our next system potential. At this time it looks to be mainly rain, but we could see a wintry mix across far northern Illinois if enough cold air manages to work its way in. We can also anticipate some foggy conditions as the mild air is advected over the snowpack.

Southern Illinois could see a nice rainfall from this, but overall for Northern and Central parts of the state, the upcoming week looks mainly dry.

So in summary it looks like we have a pretty easy week ahead minus some fog and rain around Thursday, but like I always say, we’ll be watching the trends and updating the latest!