Good evening everyone, 

     Since May 11th, 2011, this website and social media outlet has undergone a series of changes in name and personnel. There have been two constants. The constant threat for severe and adverse weather across the state of Illinois and the constant presence of our page to bring you the absolute best coverage of the weather that can impact you both positively and negatively. It has always been the mission of the owners to bring you, the people, the weather information you deserve. This mission has led us to being one of the top and most revered weather companies locally. 

     Your support has allowed two meteorologically obsessed individuals from the south side of Chicago to pursue their dream and fulfill their passion. We have received accolades from the National Weather Service as well as the local and national media. The greatest praise continues to be from you, our viewership.  Each day we, as owners, ask ourselves what more can we do for you all. Through the past few years we have added more staff to our team to help with daily forecasts, severe weather information, as well as presenting live education to all of you at a location of your choice. We have kept our social media updates free of charge because we truly believe life altering information should not come with a price or strings attached.

     It is at this time we would like to congratulate Joe Pudlik [left] and Matt Piechota [right] on their continued hard work in forecasting the weather over the last year with the Illinois Storm Chaser family. From daily Threat Assessment Maps to constant forecast discussions during the peak of either tornado or winter storm season. These two have warmed their way into the hearts of many that follow and deserve a giant thank you.

     Adam and I know as our following grows, so does our responsibility to all of you. We heard your wish lists and have realized that we need to start doing daily forecasts, five day outlooks, as well as extended outlooks on top of the severe weather coverage we have provided. We are both pleased to announce that all of these things will now be happening on Illinois Storm Chasers [website and social media]. In order for these tasks to be realized there needed to be some changes. At this time the owners would like to introduce you to three new members to the Illinois Storm Chasers family.

     From the St. Louis area we have meteorologist Billy Reed. Billy has his Masters degree in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University and offers a great background in not only Earth weather, but also space weather! Billy will be the new “Southern Illinois” General Forecaster. 

     From the Bloomington/Normal area we have geospatial and geographer Greg Soliday. Greg has a great passion for the weather and like many of us chose a different career path. Greg graduated from SIUE with a Masters in Geography. Greg joins ISC as the new “Central Illinois” General Forecaster. He will also be able to assist Billy Reed in taking Illinois Storm Chasers to the next level in mapping and charting software with their thorough background in GIS systems. Both Billy and Greg had a helping hand with some of the GOES-16 project.

    From the Newark area we have meteorologist Jeff Kilburg.  Jeff graduated in 2012 from Northern Illinois University with his Bachelors in Meteorology. Jeff brings an extensive background in business as well as mapping. Jeff will be the “Northern Illinois” General Forecaster. To read everyone’s bios please see:

Billy Reed
Greg Soliday
Jeff Kilburg

     With these changes, Adam and I both want to make the statement that Illinois Storm Chasers is here to stay and only going to get better. We are not an amateur establishment that will post forecasts and graphics for shock value. Our staff now has three degreed meteorologists and two other specialists in the field of meteorology. We are always striving to be the best and most resourceful group not only in the state, but the region. Adam and I are always evaluating on where we can get better and will not let our foot off the gas pedal. While we may physically run this page, it would not exist with out all of your support. All of you that share our posts and trust our forecasts are who really run this page. Without your interaction, we would not nearly be the presence we’ve grown to become.

A sincere thank you,

Danny Neal/Adam Lucio

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